Join a Group

We highly recommend joining when you begin using MyDearest so that you can easily communicate with your family. There a lot of features that you unlock when you are a part of a group on MyDearest. Continue reading to learn what features are unlocked when you join a group chat and how to join one.

Create a Group

Once of the best ways to keep in touch with your family on MyDearest is by creating a group and inviting them to join it. Creating a group unlocks a bunch of cool features on the application that help you keep track of what is going on in everybody’s lives. Continue reading to learn what features are unlocked when you create a group and how to create one.

Become Someone’s Dearest

You may be wondering what it means to become someone’s Dearest on our application. In simple terms, it means you agree to let another person view your app data so that they can help take care of you. The person who you agree to view your real-time location, Location Report, and App Usage Report is known as your Caregiver. Please make sure that you understand what information you are agreeing to share with that person before you add them as a Caregiver.

How to Remove a Caring Relationship

There may come a time where you would like to remove a Caring Relationship that you have established with someone. If you are someone’s Dearest, you will not be able to remove the Caring Relationship on your application. You must directly ask your Caregiver to remove the Caring Relationship on their application. Since the Caring Relationship was established through mutual consent, Caregivers please listen to your Dearest when they request to end the Caring Relationship. The following tutorial teaches Caregivers how to exit a Caring Relationship.

Add Someone As Your Dearest

As a family locator, MyDearest helps you easily keep track of your family so that you can keep them safe. If you wish to unlock the parental monitoring features that are available on MyDearest, you need to establish a “Caring Relationship” with someone by adding them as your Dearest. Once you have added someone as your Dearest, you are referred to as the Caregiver. Continue reading to find out the two ways you can add someone as your Dearest.