Let’s Get Started

MyDearest is a family locator designed to help you easily communicate with your parents, siblings, children, and other relatives so that you can keep them safe. If you haven’t already, you can press the button below to download it now.

Thank you for choosing MyDearest to help keep your family safe! We have a couple suggestions on how to optimize your user experience. Just follow these three easy steps:

Step One: Create a Group

Invite your family members to a private group chat where you can talk and share files! Once they have joined your group, they will be added to your contacts list and you can view their moments.

Step Two: Add Your Dearest

Establish a Caring Relationship with someone so that you can support them for a distance! When they become your Dearest, you can view their real-time location at anytime, Location Report, and Device Usage Report.

Step Three: Allow Location Permissions

Make sure that location permissions are enabled so that MyDearest functions properly. The main function of MyDearest is to provide you with the means to share your location with others and to view the location of those dearest to you.