How to Remove a Caring Relationship

There may come a time where you would like to remove a Caring Relationship that you have established with someone. If you are someone’s Dearest, you will not be able to remove the Caring Relationship on your application. You must directly ask your Caregiver to remove the Caring Relationship on their application. Since the Caring Relationship was established through mutual consent, Caregivers please listen to your Dearest when they request to end the Caring Relationship. The following tutorial teaches Caregivers how to exit a Caring Relationship.

Step One

Make sure that you are on the “Manage” screen of MyDearest.

Step Two

Click on the person you wish to stop being the Caregiver for.

Step Three

Under the “Manage Relationship” header, click on the slider so that it goes from being blue to gray. Once the slider is gray, that means you are no longer in a Caring Relationship with that person.

Please note that once you have removed the Caring Relationship with someone, you cannot reenter/reestablish the Caring Relationship on that person’s profile page. If the slider next to the header “Caring Relationship” is gray and you wish to add someone as your Dearest, you must go to the “Map” screen and go through the process of inviting them to become your Dearest. You can learn how to do this at

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